POTI E-Learning: Getting Started

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Are you looking for a particular topic? Jump ahead to the time marks indicated below to view that topic: How to Sign Up for a POTI account: 0:17 How to enrol in a course: 1:04 Taking a pretest for a course: 1:50 How to download course material: 2:20 Time requirement for courses 3:26 Features of each course lesson: 3:50 POTI course author videos: 4:13 Questions about course material and submitting questions to course authors: 4:56 Taking the final examination: 5:20 How to access certificates of completion: 6:45 Submit a review of a course: 7:10 How to withdraw from a course: 7:27 How to locate text in a PDF: 8:12 How to use the table of contents: 8:42 Links mentioned in the video: Reading hours: FAQ on PDF views: The PDF FAQ is available under the header "Technical"; next, click on "I am experiencing difficulty in downloading my course material".