Partnership for E-Learning on Peace Operations

It is the purpose of PELP to serve as a forum wherein key nations invested in the delivery of e-learning on peace operations may provide input and share ideas on how e-learning should best be provided to the peace operations community. PELP is an informal partnership which will provide recommendations on behalf of this community.
The member states who have invested in the delivery of e-learning have formed PELP with a mandate to ensure the needs of the community are met with e-learning that is standard, common, reflects UN policy and documents, and is provided universally free and as a gratis contribution to all.
Any institutional member of the peacekeeping community who uses or could potentially use e-learning can be a member of PELP. This includes all T/PCCs, all national peacekeeping and police training centres, and international organizations. DPO ITS has Observer Status in PELP.
PELP is guided by an Advisory Board which provides political advocacy, funding advocacy, as well as recommendations on strategy, pedagogy, and policy pertaining to e-learning on peacekeeping.
The PELP Advisory Board meets in January and July each year. The most recent meetings were 1 July 2020 and 13 January 2021. The next PELP meeting is scheduled for 7 July 2021. Minutes of PELP meetings are available upon request.
With the growing recognition of the importance of e-learning on peacekeeping, the Partnership for E-Learning on Peace Operations (PELP) has come to play a key role in guiding how e-learning should best be used to serve the needs of the peacekeeping community.

UN Member States Participating in PELP

New Zealand
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
United States of America