The Peace Operations Training Institute (POTI)

The Peace Operations Training Institute is dedicated to providing globally accessible and affordable distance learning courses on peace support, humanitarian relief, and security operations to men and women working to promote peace worldwide.

We have the most experience providing distance training in peacekeeping. Our alumni serve in the interest of peace all over the world. They are peacekeepers in the field at Missions, academics teaching the next generation, diplomats, high-ranking officials, and others. Thousands of students from over 170 nations have expanded their knowledge with the Peace Operations Training Institute.

The self-paced, downloadable format of our courses allows the study of peacekeeping topics from anywhere in the world at any time. Our curriculum fulfils many training needs, including preparing for deployment to a peacekeeping mission, increasing effectiveness in the field, complementing study in the classroom, and increasing insight and knowledge of the UN system.

The Peace Operations Training Institute is a 501(c)(3) public charity based in the United States of America. We are an independent not-for-profit organization governed by our Board of Directors.

Recognition from the United Nations Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations

Our courses and programmes have been repeatedly welcomed by the United Nations Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations (C-34). Its official recommendations for 2018, appearing in UN document A/72/19, indicate in paragraph 404 and 406:

404. The Special Committee welcomes technological platforms, including e learning, which supplement traditional training methods and provide access to standardized training materials across a widely distributed population of military, police and civilian peacekeepers. In this regard, the Special Committee welcomes the development of peacekeeping e-learning courses by the Integrated Training Service. The Special Committee welcomes the free and multilingual delivery of e –learning courses on peacekeeping, such as those provided by the Peace Operations Training Institute, including E-Learning for African Peacekeepers and E-Learning for Peacekeepers from Latin America and the Caribbean. The Special Committee also welcomes the integrated distance learning programmes provided directly to the peacekeeping missions by the Institute. The Special Committee fully supports the further development and delivery of such e-learning and training initiatives and also encourages Member States to support them through voluntary financial contributions. The Special Committee therefore encourages the Department of Peacekeeping Operations to work with all interested parties to develop a coherent strategy for the delivery of economical and efficient United Nations-endorsed e learning in order to further enhance the effectiveness of peacekeeping.

406. The Special Committee underscores that, with regard to support for Member States, the Integrated Training Service should focus primarily on enhancing and building peacekeeping training, including capacity enhancement for mandate implementation, and that all United Nations entities engaged in training initiatives specifically or uniquely aimed at peacekeepers should coordinate these activities through the Service. The Special Committee urges the Department of Peacekeeping Operations and the Department of Field Support to continue to work with Member States, the University for Peace, UNITAR, the Peace Operations Training Institute and other training partners to provide support in peacekeeping training to Member States, improve the dissemination of training materials, including to the field, raise awareness of peacekeeping training initiatives and develop partnerships and enhance strategic networking to help to match training resources to prioritized needs.

You can read the full report in the six official languages of the UN on the UN website.

Note: POTI provides training in accordance with UN standards; however, we are a separate entity from the United Nations.