Chapter 9 – Maintaining Support for the Mission

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UN peacekeeping missions exist within a highly-charged political environment, both within the host country and internationally. The realistic management of public awareness and public perceptions about the mission are essential for the maintenance of consent for the mission, the continued support of Troop and Police Contributing Countries, as well as for the achievement of the mission’s success. The existence of the UN mission and the presence of a multinational, multicultural civilian, military and police personnel can have a profound social, economic, and environmental impact. Perceptions of the mission will be affected by the culture and traditions of the local population. Mission personnel must be very conscious of the unintended consequences of their presence, behaviour, and actions, which, if not managed appropriately, can affect the perception of legitimacy of the mission. Chapter 9 explains how effective communication and outreach, as well as culturally sensitive behaviour, are fundamental to allow the mission to achieve its mandate.

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