Training Options for Peacekeeping Training Providers

The Institute offers various training options to national peacekeeping centres, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and other organizations wishing to use our courses to train groups of their members. The following training options grant full access to the entire POTI course curriculum with no out-of-pocket expenses to the student.

Customized Online Training Platform With Unlimited Enrolments

The National Training Centre E-Learning Platform (NTCELP) option provides a customized online training platform that includes unlimited enrolments in all POTI courses for an unlimited number of students per year. The customized platform includes the following:

  • A custom webpage maintained by POTI;
  • A unique eligibility code;
  • Dual Certificate of Completion with logos from both POTI and the national peacekeeping training centre, as well as signatures from POTI’s Executive Director and the centre’s director; and
  • Access to POTI’s administrative portal including the ability to approve and disapprove training requests as well as the capability to monitor and generate reports regarding students and the courses in which they have enrolled and completed through the platform.
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Customized Enrolment Package With Limited Enrolments

The customized enrolment package option allows providers to customize a package for a limited number of enrolments for its members. Providers may choose to purchase one course per member at $50 each for a minimum of 50 courses for 50 members. Providers are also welcome to purchase our entire curriculum (30 courses) per member for USD $600, for a minimum of 25 members. Bulk enrolment does not include any customized features such as those provided with NTCELP.