Certificate of Training in United Nations Peace Support Operations (COTIPSO)

Students interested in a comprehensive study of peacekeeping and humanitarian relief may earn a Certificate of Training in United Nations Peace Support Operations (COTIPSO). This advanced-level certificate is made possible through a partnership between the Peace Operations Training Institute and participating national and regional peacekeeping training centres and selected universities.

By combining focused classroom training and a wide base of self-paced distance learning courses, the COTIPSO Programme provides a solid foundation of knowledge in peacekeeping. This Programme gives students the opportunity to combine the benefits of in-person instruction with the convenience of distance training, while the academic-level thesis allows students to research a single peacekeeping-related topic within a self-paced structure.

COTIPSO Programme's Three Components

1. Distance Education

Participants in COTIPSO complete twelve distance learning courses from the Peace Operations Training Institute. We suggest a schedule of one course per month for twelve months. These courses each include an End-of-Course Examination and require a minimum passing score of 75%.

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2. Classroom Instruction

Classroom instruction is conducted at recognized national peacekeeping training centres and universities worldwide. View the full schedule.

Please note that students must make their own classroom course arrangements directly with the provider of the classroom training. Students may begin their study with attendance at one of the recognized classroom courses or they may begin with the distance education component.

POTI recognizes completed training from some organizations that are not active COTIPSO partners. The training from these organizations can still be used to fulfill the classroom instruction requirement of the COTIPSO programme. View all POTI COTIPSO partners.

  • COTIPSO Partners
  • Non-Partners: Courses accepted for credit
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3. Original Research Paper

After the completion of the resident classroom course and the 12 courses from the Institute, the student writes an original thesis integrating what he/she has learned. The thesis will be written at the level of graduate college research and should demonstrate both a factual understanding of peace support operations and an ability to synthesize and discuss peacekeeping and related issues. The thesis will be written under the supervision of a Thesis Adviser and published on our website upon completion and acceptance. To learn more about these Thesis Advisers and to communicate with them directly, visit the complete list of Thesis Advisers.

Theses written by COTIPSO students may be read on our Web site.

Additional Information

Pricing varies depending on the course of study. The base COTIPSO fee is 1239 USD. In addition, students must pay any tuition and expenses related to the classroom training course to the partnering institution directly. Students must also enrol in twelve courses from the Peace Operations Training Institute. Institute course costs vary by programme and delivery type.

Complete information can be found in the COTIPSO Operating Framework (PDF), or by contacting the COTIPSO coordinator, George F. Oliver.

Please note: completion of the COTIPSO demonstrates a thorough study and understanding of UN Peace Support Operations but does not guarantee employment with the UN or any other organization, nor does it confer an academic degree.