Conseil d’administration

General Robert Gordon

Chair of the Board of Directors

General Robert Gordon served a full career in the Army of the United Kingdom until his retirement in 2005. During his military career, he was actively involved in UN peacekeeping operations, first serving with the UN in Cyprus. In 1994, he commanded UN Sector South West Bosnia (UNPROFOR) and the British Forces in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia. He also served as the Force Commander of the UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) from 2002 to 2004. Upon forming his own consulting company in 2005, he has worked on numerous contracts for UN DPKO, the World Bank, the British Government, and others as a consultant on peacekeeping operations. He is a Senior Adviser to the Folke Bernadotte Academy of Sweden in support of the Challenges Forum Secretariat and was Special Adviser to the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre of Canada in support of their African peacekeeping training programmes. In 2005, he helped develop UN DPKO's senior mission leadership (SML) training programme and since then has served as senior mentor on UN SML courses and facilitator of DPKO's Senior Leadership Induction Programme. He has also been the Director of Studies for AU SML and Regional SML courses. He has been the senior mentor for the training and development of the African Standby Force's capability in East Africa (EASBRICOM). He was educated at Wellington College, Berkshire and Cambridge University.

Photograph of General Robert Gordon

Dr. Alexandra Novosseloff

Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors

Dr. Alexandra Novosseloff is a Senior Visiting Fellow at the International Peace Institute in New York. She works on UN peacekeeping and Security Council related issues with IPI’s Brian Urquhart Center for Peace Operations. Dr. Alexandra Novosseloff is also a non-resident fellow at the New York University Center on International Cooperation, a research associate at the Centre Thucydide in Paris, and a senior expert at the Peace and Security Section of the Global Governance Institute in Brussels.

Dr. Novosseloff a obtenu plusieurs diplomes, incluant un Doctorat en Sciences Politiques et Relations Internationales de l'Université de Paris II - Panthéon-Assas, France; une Maîtrise en Diplomatie de l’Université du Lancaster (University of Lancaster), Royaume-Uni; un D.E.A en Histoire des Relations Internationales et une Maîtrise en Sciences Politiques avec un mineur en Relations internationales de l'Université de l'Université de Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne, France.

She has written approximately 50 articles and policy papers on the UN Security Council, on peacekeeping and on the cooperation with regional organisations (in French and in English). The following is a list of her books:

  • Alexandra Novosseloff (ed.), Le Conseil de sécurité, entre impuissance et toute puissance, 2016, Paris, éditions CNRS Biblis, 425 pages.
  • 62309-.*
  • Frank Neisse / Alexandra Novosseloff, Des murs entre les hommes, pictures and texts, 2015 (2nd edition), Paris, éditions La Documentation française, 272 pages.
  • Jocelyn Coulon / Alexandra Novosseloff (eds), La paix par la force ? Pour une approche réaliste du maintien de la paix « robuste », 2011, Montréal, éditions Athéna, 224 pages.
  • Alexandra Novosseloff, Le Comité d’état-major : histoire d’un organe en sommeil, 2008, Centre Thucydide / Sociological association of the UAE, 114p.
  • Paul Quilès / Alexandra Novosseloff, Face aux désordres du monde, 2005, Paris, Les portes du monde, 386p.
  • Alexandra Novosseloff, Le Conseil de sécurité des Nations Unies et la maîtrise de la force armée – Dialectique du politique et du militaire en matière de paix et de sécurité internationales, 2003, Brussels: Bruylant, collection "Organisation internationale et relations internationales", 660 p.

For additional information about Dr. Novosseloff's publications, conferences, photography and exhibitions please visit

Photograph of Alexandra Novosseloff

Kevin Kennedy

Kevin S. Kennedy began his service in the United Nations Secretariat in 1977 and completed a variety of assignments on Missions and at UNHQ. In 2007, he joined the Africa Division of DPKO, where he led the Great Lakes Integrated Operational Team. In 2011 he became Chief of the Integrated Training Service and in 2013-2014 served as Officer-in-Charge of the Division of Policy, Evaluation and Training. In December 2013 he was asked to lead the Mali Integrated Operational Team, responsible at UNHQ for strategic oversight and coordination of support for the UN Mission in Mali (MINUSMA). From 2000 to 2007 he served in the Executive Office of Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Mr. Kennedy has served in UN field missions in the DRC (MONUC), South Africa (UNOMSA), and as a member of the start-up team in Kosovo (UNMIK). He has also contributed to a number of peacekeeping and political missions, including in Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, East Timor, Former Yugoslavia, Haiti, Mali and Western Sahara.

Mr. Kennedy is a graduate of the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. and has done graduate work in international relations at New York University. He is a national of the United States.

Photograph of Kevin Kennedy

Lt Gen (Retired) Jasbir Lidder

Lt Gen (retired) Jasbir Lidder has extensive experience in the entire spectrum of conflict management in both political and military spheres, with a military career spanning over 40 years with Indian Army. He served as Military Chief of Staff of the UN Mission in ONUMOZ in1994-95 and UNMIS Force Commander in Sudan from 2006-08 where he successfully implemented the security protocol of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between Sudan and South Sudan.

Jasbir was DSRSG (P) UNMIS from 2011-12, where he progressed the political process, managed the internal conflict and led early Peacebuilding initiatives in South Sudan. He coordinated the UN system for the South Sudan Referendum in Jan 11.

Jasbir is involved with the UN and multifarious global institutes/academies and think tanks in promoting a wide range of issues related to peace and security. He holds a Master’s degree in Defense and Management Studies and another in Defense and Strategic studies.

Photograph of Jasbir Lidder

Commissioner Ann-Marie Orler

Commissioner Ann-Marie Orler is the Head of Division of International Affairs of the Swedish Police. Prior to her current office she was the Police Adviser in the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations. Prior to joining the United Nations Ms. Orler was a Police Commissioner with the Swedish National Police for almost 20 years.

Apart from her extensive senior level policing experience, Ms. Orler served from 2001 to 2003 at the Council of Europe as the Programme Manager for the "Police and Human Rights Beyond 2000" programme. She was the Secretary General of Amnesty International in Sweden for a brief period in 1998 and worked in the private sector as a Leadership Consultant specializing in leadership on a strategic level in 1999.

She has traveled extensively as part of her international policing career and has been a member of the Committee for prevention of Torture and degrading treatment of the Council of Europe between 2004 and 2008.

She studied journalism, is a graduate of the Swedish Police Training Academy and holds a Law degree from the University of Uppsala, Sweden.

Photograph of Commissioner Ann-Marie Orler

Ambassadeur Thomas Pickering

Monsieur l’Ambassadeur Thomas Pickering est largement connu pour son action comme Ambassadeur des Etats Unis aux Nations Unies entre 1989 et 1992. Ce n’est cependant qu’une seule de ses affectations au sein d'une carrière diplomatique de quarante ans, pendant laquelle il a aussi servi comme Ambassadeur en Jordanie (1974-78), au Nigeria (1981-1983), au Salvador (1983-1985), en Israël (1985-1988), en Inde (1992-1993) et en Russie (1993-1996). Il a eu l’honneur d’être élevé au titre senior d’Ambassadeur de carrière dans le Service des Affaires Étrangères. Avant de servir pour le Département des Affaires Étrangères, il avait servi dans la US Navy (1956-1959), ou il a atteint le grade de Lieutenant Commandant.

Après sa carrière dans les Affaires Étrangères, il a travaillé comme Vice-Président Senior des Relations Internationales pour Boeing (2001-2006).

Photograph of Ambassador Pickering

Ms. Julie Gwangmwa Sanda

Mme Julie Gwangmwa Sanda est titulaire principale de recherche au Collège national de défense au Nigéria. Parmi ses nombreuses responsabilités actuelles, Mme Sanda gère la formation de niveau stratégique sur les opérations de soutien à la paix (OSP) et les activités du Collège (CSRS et NCD) pour l'Association des Centres de formations au maintien de la paix (IAPTC)/Association africaine des formateurs au soutien de la paix (APSTA) et est également éditrice de la Revue pour la paix Afrique. Elle a été Chef du département des études sur le conflit, le maintien de la paix et l'humanitaire (DCPHS) auprès du Centre africain pour la recherche et les études stratégiques (ACSRS) où elle gérait les programmes et activités de formation en matière d'opérations de maintien de la paix. Elle a travaillé auprès de l'Institut national d'études politiques et stratégiques (NIPSS) e en tant que chercheuse, chargée de la formation et animatrice mais également auprès de l'ex Conseil national pour les relations intergouvernementales avant de rejoindre les rangs du Collège national de défense (NDC) en novembre 1987.

Mme Sanda est détentrice d'un diplôme en sciences politiques de l'Université de Jos (1983) et d'un Master en sciences politiques de l'Université Ahmadu Bello Zaria (1987). De 1990 à 1991, elle était boursière Fulbright à la Elliott School of International Affaires à l'Université George Washington à Washington D.C. Mme Sanda est également doctorante au Département d'études en sciences politiques et de défense auprès de l'Académie nigériane de défense, Kaduna. Elle a assisté à plusieurs cours et programmes concernant la paix et la sécurité, la politique étrangère, l'égalité des sexes et la gestion des confits. Mme Sanda a également publié diverses publications académiques.

Photograph of Ms. Julie Gwangmwa Sanda

Major General Jose Ricardo Vendramin Nunes

Jose Ricardo Vendramin Nunes is an active duty officer in the Brazilian Army with solid experience in UN peace operations. He served as Military Observer and Military Staff Officer in the UN peacekeeping operation in Angola and later as Chief Military Training Officer in the mission in Syria. He also was exchange international instructor at the Argentine Joint Peace Operations Training Center and UN Training Officer in DPKO, where he had the opportunity to plan and deliver training to a number of field missions and troop contributing countries. He was also the Commander of the Brazilian Peace Operations Joint Training Center and planner and organizer of the 21st IAPTC. He holds certificates of post degree studies in International Humanitarian Law, defense and international relations in Brazilian and foreign universities such as the Argentine Catholic University and the New York University.

Photograph of Major General Jose Ricardo Vendramin Nunes

Dr. Harvey Langholtz

Harvey Langholtz est le Directeur Fondateur de l’Institut de formation aux opérations de paix. Il a servi une carrière complète au sein du US Coast Guard, et a pris sa retraite en 1993 avec le grade de Commandant. Il fut détaché aux Affaires Étrangères Américaines par le US Coast Guard, où il a servi dans la délégation américaines aux Nations Unies 1991-1993 et a représenté les Etats Unis au Comité spécial des opérations de maintien de la paix. Il a rejoint en 1993 la faculté du College of William and Mary à Williamsburg, en Virginie, où il enseigne la Théorie de la Décision, au titre de Professeur. Il a publié plusieurs livres et articles, notamment La Psychologie du Maintien de la Paix et La Psychologie de la Diplomatie , et est aussi un co-éditeur du Journal de Maintien de la Paix Internationale. Il a un MA de la New School of Social Research de New York, un MS de la US NAVY Postgraduate School de Monterey, Californie, et un Ph.D. de l’Université d’Oklahoma.

Photograph of Dr. Harvey Langholtz

Membres du Conseil d’administration

Secrétaire: Vanessa Anderson

Trésorière: Susan Terrien