The History of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations from 2000–2020

New! In this course, you will learn about the history of United Nations peacekeeping operations active between 2000 and mid-2020. It is organized to give students an overview of five main themes. First, the course provides a general summary of major trends and patterns in UN peacekeeping during the twenty-first century. Second, it provides short histories of the more than 30 UN peacekeeping operations that were active between 2000 and mid-2020. Third, it summarizes the key issues involved in “partnership peacekeeping”, that is, the efforts of the UN to develop partnerships with an array of other peacekeeping organizations and actors. Fourth, the course provides a synopsis of the main attempts to develop guidelines for UN peacekeepers fit for the twenty-first century. Finally, it summarizes some of the main impacts that UN peacekeeping operations have had on armed conflict according to recent academic research.

COURSE AUTHOR: Paul D. Williams, Ph.D., is currently Professor at the Elliott School of International Affairs, the George Washington University, where he is also the Associate Director of the Security Policy Studies M.A. programme. Professor Williams received his Ph.D. in international politics from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth (2001). He worked previously at the universities of Warwick and Birmingham in the UK and has been a Visiting Scholar at Georgetown University and the University of Queensland (2008) and a Visiting Professor at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. In 2014–2015, he was a Fellow with the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars, and between 2012 and 2019, he served as a Non-resident Senior Adviser at the International Peace Institute in New York. Professor Williams is the author of several books related to peace operations, including Understanding Peacekeeping (Polity Press, 3rd edition, 2021); Fighting for Peace in Somalia: A history and analysis of the African Union Mission, 2007–2017 (Oxford University Press, 2018); War and Conflict in Africa (Polity Press, 2nd edition, 2016); and is the Co-Editor and Contributor to The Oxford Handbook of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (Oxford University Press, 2015).

Número de páginas: 197 [Inglés]

Editorial: Instituto para Formación en Operaciones de Paz (POTI) [12-22-20]

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"This is a good course to know the history and worked in UN."

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"The course helps in linking with other history courses taken before."

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"Its tasking nature"

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"It is a very comprehensive course. The last 20 years that were missing as part of the remarkable History of Peacekeeping Operations. The author has created such a great combination of facts and academic research data throughout the entire course. Very well organized and presented."

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"A comprehensive and updated package"

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