Commanding Introduction

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Greetings, and welcome to the Peace Operations Training Institute distance training course Commanding United Nations Peacekeeping Operations. My name is General Tim Ford, and I am the author of the course. This course was designed for military and civilian students, including police, who may find themselves in leadership positions in UN or other international peacekeeping operations, or for those wishing to understand the issues associated with commanding peacekeeping operations. The course first considers those strategic and international issues that define UN peacekeeping, including the relationships that exist between the UN, its Member States, and other organizations. It then considers how these missions are authorized, launched, and supported by the international community and Member States. It also explores the structure of Field Missions, including the chain of command within UN personnel, as well as integration and cooperation with external actors often present in conflict and post-conflict settings. And finally, it considers the issues associated with command in UN peacekeeping missions at the operational, national, and tactical levels, including security, force protection, and sustainment concerns, as well as cross-cutting issues that affect all elements of a mission, such as the protection of civilians, gender, and human rights. Upon completion of the course, you should have a firm understanding of the processes involved in commanding in a United Nations peacekeeping operation. If you have any questions regarding the course, please contact me via the Student-Teacher Communication Form at the web address shown below. Thank you for enrolling in Peace Operations Training Institute distance training, and I wish you every success in your studies.

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