Photo of peacekeepers with children in the Congo - submitted by a POTI student.

POTI students study our training material all around the world. As students have completed their training and as other training centres have come to recognize the value of our distance learning courses, they have contacted us time and time again thanking us for our efforts. We share some of their comments here. Read the quotes and watch the videos below to get a sample of what others are saying about POTI.

If as a current or former student you would like to provide a testimonial to POTI, please write to our staff with your comments. We welcome your thoughts on our curriculum and hope to hear from you soon!

We would like to take this opportunity to again thank our students and fellow training partners for allowing us to serve you and the peacekeeping community.

      I write to express my sincere gratitude to you and your family for your support, guidance, and mentoring to me throughout the period I have worked with you on my COTIPSO.

      I have learned a lot from the courses that I have studied and have shared and used the knowledge gained on my daily office routine in my country. Thanks a lot Peace Operations Training Institute...

~Miriam N Espineli, CPO, Philippines
      Please continue to help the people all over the world to live in peace. The 23 courses learned from your institute have given me an important education and as a journalist in Rwanda National POLICE it's time to help the people who are in war or still live in area of conflict.

~Safari Ange, Rwanda
      The Intro course was quite a learning experience...Ironically, I am presently on a mission but I just did not have a clear understanding about many issues...I was surprised by the vast knowledge assimilated from this course.

~Archibal Mpofu, Zimbabwe

From Students

Video testimonial by Major Abubakar Aliyu, Nigerian Army.
Video testimonial by Yuvent Anyero, UNPOL, Uganda.
Video testimonial by Lt Carolina Céspedes Benavente, Chile.
Video testimonial by Major Million Ndlovu, Zimbabwe National Defence College.
Video testimonial by Major Preye Zipele, Nigeria

From Training Partners

Video testimonial by Brigadier General Abul Basher Imamuzzaman (BIPSOT).
Video testimonial by General Jorge Peña (ALCOPAZ).
Video testimonial by Supt. Ann-Kristin Kvilekval (PHS).
Video testimonial by Brigadier General PT Boroh (NAPKC).
Video testimonial by Brigadier General Christopher Chellah (SADC-RPTC).
Video testimonial by Col. Pedro de Pessoa (CCOPAB).
Video testimonial by Chief Superintendent Ralf Gehling (BPOL).
Video testimonial by Teniente Coronel John Gómez (UEMPE).