Welcome Video from our Executive Director

Below you will find a video greeting from Executive Director Harvey Langholtz.

Video Transcript

Greetings, and welcome to the Peace Operations Training Institute. My name is Dr. Harvey Langholtz, and I am the Executive Director of the Institute. It is my pleasure to welcome you to our training programmes.

The Peace Operations Training Institute provides e-learning programmes to peacekeepers, humanitarian relief workers, United Nations staff, diplomats and serious citizens interested in global peace and security. We offer courses in several languages, allowing anyone to study peacekeeping topics from anywhere in the world at any time. Military personnel, police, and civilian staff may take courses in preparation for deployment on a peacekeeping mission, or they can add to their knowledge while they are in the field.

Thousands of students from 182 countries have enrolled in courses from the Peace Operations Training Institute. Each course comes as a single self-contained text that provides training that is standard, common, universal, low in cost, and is written in accordance with established UN policy and guidelines.

I invite you now to browse our Web site and learn more about our training programmes and courses available to you. Thank you for your interest in the Peace Operations Training Institute distance learning programmes. I wish you success in your studies of United Nations peacekeeping.