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Published: 04-28-11

Course synopsis:

Implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) in Latin America and the Caribbean

Security Council resolution 1325 (2000), unanimously adopted in October 2000, sets out a policy framework for women and peace and security. This course introduces the main principles of the resolution and provides practical guidelines on how to implement it at the national level, including through the development of national action plans. While informative for any student interested in the topic, the course was especially designed for people who work at the highest decision-making levels, especially at the national level, in Latin America and the Caribbean and who require a practical tool to support and facilitate the implementation of SCR 1325 (2000). The course is based on background information, analysis, and a wide range of studies. The first three lessons focus more broadly on the issues of women, peace, and security; the UN's role and views on the subject; and SCR 1325 (2000) itself. Within this context, Lessons 4 and 5 highlight the challenges and priorities specific to the Latin American and Caribbean region. The final lesson provides guidelines for creating and implementing a national action plan. Six lessons, 221 pages.


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