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Closure of the Pearson Centre, Canadian Peacekeeping Training Centre

Published: 10-01-13

On 26 September Kevin McGarr announced the closure of Pearson Centre, a peacekeeping training centre located in Ottawa, Canada. McGarr is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of the centre. While details for Pearson Centre’s closing are being finalized. McGarr stated that all current training obligations will be met.

During its two decades of operation, the Pearson Centre trained over 18,000 individuals from the military, police and civilian communities from over 150 countries. These individuals have gone on to effectively contribute to peace and security operations around the world. The contributions of the graduates, members, and staff of Pearson Centre to peacekeeping and the rule of law around the world are immeasurable. Please read Dr. Langholtz’ letter to Chief Executive Officer McGarr  here.