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Dr. Langholtz Attends African Peace Support Trainers’ Association Meeting in Ethiopia

Published: 09-26-13

The Executive Director of Peace Operations Training Institute (POTI), Dr. Harvey Lanholtz, is in Ethiopia this week. He is attending the African Peace Support Trainers’ Association (APSTA) meeting being held at the Bole International Hotel in Addis Ababa.

The Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping and Training Centre - Accra, Ghana, the International Peace Support Training Centre (IPSTC) (Nairobi, Kenya), and the South African Development Community Regional Peacekeeping Training Centre (Harare, Zimbabwe) are training partners with POTI. This meeting provides an opportunity for face-to-face discussions among training professionals about future cooperation and training requirements for peacekeepers.

Here is the schedule for the APSTA meeting:
  • 24
Arrival of delegates
  • 25

Opening ceremony; remarks by Special Ethiopian Guest of Honor, keynote speeches (AU/UN); thematic training, education and learning seminar sessions, in order to promote learning and interaction with a wide range of PSO actors and stakeholders; and an Ideas Indaba (Ideas Market Place), similar to that of the IAPTC Ideas Bazaar, seeking to provide an environment for establishing, renewing and deepening networks and partnerships, besides showcasing the work of APSTA’s member institutions and partners

  • 26

An APSTA Conference incorporating thematic panel presentations on thematic professional development issues in the management of complex PSOs; coupled with breakaway multifunctional group discussions

  • 27

A half-day APSTA AGM to review a range of pending issues and, more importantly, to chart a broad roadmap for the coming years. As the day coincides with one of Ethiopia’s national holidays, the afternoon will be observed as free time for delegates

  • 28
Departure of delegates