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Hurricane Sandy Disrupts New York but POTI Operations Continue

Published: 10-31-12

The POTI staff would like to thank all our friends and well-wishers worldwide who have emailed to ask if we have been affected in any way by Hurricane Sandy. There are over 5 million people in our region without electricity and there is heavy damage in some places. This has been very disruptive to many of our colleagues at UNHQ in NY and our good wishes go to them for the recovery from flooding, the restoration of electrical power, a resumption of transportation, and a return to normalcy.

The POTI offices are located in Williamsburg, Virginia, and although we did experience some problems, these were not as severe as what New York faced. Our web server is in a secure off-site location with backup power, and we were able to remain online throughout the hurricane and provide uninterrupted service to our students worldwide.

Our staff and our families are all fine. We thank you all so much for your concern for our well being. It is gratifying to hear from so many of our friends and supporters.