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New Course Released: Human Rights and Peacekeeping

Published: 04-25-12

Williamsburg, VA, Wednesday, 25 April 2012— “When egregious violations of human rights take place,” course author Patrick Marega Castellan writes, “conflict becomes inevitable.” Conversely, when human rights are protected and promoted, peace will be established, instilled, and – above all – kept.


For United Nations peacekeepers to succeed in their missions, it is essential then that a thorough understanding of human rights be reached. With this cause in mind, the Peace Operations Training Institute (POTI), in collaboration with the University for Peace, offers to students its second course on the topic of human rights, Human Rights and Peacekeeping. The new course puts into concrete terms theoretical concepts introduced in the first course and demonstrates –often through first-hand accounts – how human rights violations perpetuate conflict in places where such concepts remain either undiscovered or wilfully ignored.

The course’s main topics of discussion include:

International human rights law

Actions of protection (e.g. protection of civilians, protection strategies, etc.)

Planning and implementation in integrated missions

Human rights partners



About the Course Author (Patrick Marega Castellan)

Patrick Marega Castellan is a human rights consultant who has served in various capacities – including specialist, adviser, and trainer – for United Nations missions in Haiti, Darfur, Angola, and Liberia. From 2006 to 2009, he served in the Methodology, Education and Training Section of OHCHR, providing advice to OHCHR staff and developing human rights training material in collaboration with DPKO. He is based in Papua New Guinea.