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Honour Roll Highlight

Congratulations to SERGIO GUEVARA, from Argentine, for being one of the latest students to complete our peacekeeping training course Derecho Internacional Humanitario y Ley del Conflicto Armado.

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Students are encouraged to upload photos related to peacekeeping to share with everyone.

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Etudiants qui se sont distingués

Meet Lieutenant Commander Muhammad Rashedul Karim, a student of the Peace Operations Training Institute.

Photo de l'étudiant du mois.

Lieutenant Commander Muhammad Rashedul Karim was born in the Noakhali District in Bangladesh in 1983 and joined the Bangladesh Navy as an officer cadet in January 2001. He was commissioned in the Executive Branch after ...

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What does 'Peace' Mean?

Read what a POTI student, Tamer Osman, has written in his article "What does 'Peace' Mean?".  We want to read your comments.

Blog author.

The word ‘peace’ originates from the Latin word ‘pes’, meaning tranquility, compact, agreement, treaty of truce, absence of hostility, and harmony. It was adopted by the French as ‘paix’ in the 11th century to refer to reconciliation, silence, and agreement. Since 1200, the significance of the word evolved to pertain ...
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Watch the <em>Human Rights and Peacekeeping</em> course introduction video.

Watch the Human Rights and Peacekeeping course introduction video.

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