Davide Bellomo

Davide Bellomo, an expert on strategic communication in crisis situations, lectures on communication strategies, hostage negotiation, investigative psychology, the science of investigation, the science of security, and criminal organizations. As a sociologist specializing in deviance, his research is focused on new methods of negotiation and unconventional communication methods, as well as the management of hostage situations in prisons. He has been involved in international research projects aimed at developing methods of response during acts of piracy at sea, hostage situations in banks and post offices, and kidnappings. He has worked as a consultant for a variety of European police academies. He is a NATO lecturer on hostage negotiation and a lecturer on drug-facilitated sexual assault (DFSA). His expertise in intelligence is in demand as a lecturer for many important university and security services and has facilitated his production of numerous books and manuals on these topics.