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Acquérir des connaissances solides et pratiques sur le maintien de la paix et les domaines connexes

L'Institut de formation aux opérations de paix (POTI) propose des cours en ligne sur des questions d'actualité en matière de soutien de la paix, d'aide humanitaire et d'opérations de sécurité. Notre formation flexible et accessible, permet aux étudiants d'étudier à leur propre rythme. Notre programme vise à développer des connaissances solides et pratiques en matière d'opérations de maintien de la paix des Nations Unies et autres sujets connexes. Nos cours sont conçus par d'anciens Commandants des forces, conseillers militaires du DOMP, des soldats de la paix expérimentés, des auteurs publiés et des experts renommés dans leur domaine.

Peacekeeping operations and the challenges faced by peacekeepers are diverse and complex. We have been meeting the demand for quality, affordable online peacekeeping training from day one. When you study with POTI, you can learn wherever you are, whenever your schedule permits. At the Peace Operations Training Institute, we work to take the distance out of distance learning and provide our students worldwide with a learning experience that is rich, interactive, and meaningful.

This is how POTI training works:

  1. Créer un nouveau compte.
  2. Register for the course of your choice.
  3. Download the course (PDF) and study the materials at your convenience. Watch video introductions and webinars from course authors and test your knowledge with self-scoring quizzes at the end of each lesson.
  4. After studying, take the 50 question multiple choice exam. You have two opportunities to successfully complete the exam with a score of 75% or better.
  5. Submit your exam for grading and receive your results immediately. Students who pass receive a Certificate of Completion and can choose to have their name displayed on the Honour Roll.


Personnalisez votre formation à l'aide des options suivantes :

Study individual courses

After successfully completing a course, students earn a Certificate of Completion. Certificates are available in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic. A student may also request a transcript officially documenting the courses they have completed.

Available POTI courses.

Earn a POST Certificate

Students may demonstrate their expertise in Military Studies, Police Studies, Civilian Service, Gender Awareness, Logistical Support, and/or Human Rights by earning a Peace Operations Specialized Training (POST) Certificate.

By following the curricula described in the table below, students can earn a POST Certificate in up to six areas of specialization.

Learn more about POST Certificates.

S'inscrire au programme COTIPSO

Students looking for a greater challenge may be interested in enrolling in our Certificate of Training in United Nations Peace Support Operations (COTIPSO) Programme.

COTIPSO is a blend of POTI online training and third party in-classroom training. Students will apply the knowledge gained in this blended format by writing a thesis on a peacekeeping related topic of choice under the guidance of a POTI thesis adviser.

Pour en savoir plus sur COTIPSO.

POST Certificate course chart.

What makes POTI courses right for you?

  • The specialized peace and humanitarian relief curriculum written by former Force Commanders, Military Advisers to DPKO, experienced peacekeepers, published scholars, and experts in their fields.
  • The self-paced method of study gives you the opportunity to complete courses at your own pace when it is convenient.
  • No academic or professional requirements for course signup.
  • Ability to engage with course authors and ask questions related to the training material.
  • You will join a diverse and accomplished global community. There are more than 167,000 POTI students and alumni worldwide.
  • Les étudiants ont la possibilité de poser des questions aux auteurs de cours sur le matériel de formation.
  • Access to student support in English, French, and Spanish. Our staff is ready to answer questions and hear about your experience.

Caractéristiques principales de votre salle de classe virtuelle:

  • A secure environment that contains all of your POTI learning and testing information.
  • A list of the courses you are currently taking and the courses you have already taken.
  • Un accès à vos examens et notes.
  • Access to downloadable course materials so you can study offline if necessary.
  • Un accès aux ressources de formation gratuites.

La meilleure partie concernant notre salle de classe virtuelle est qu'il est gratuit de s'y inscrire et de l'utiliser.


Plusieurs options de licences de formation

POTI offre un package de licences aux centres nationaux de maintien de la paix, ONG, institutions académiques et autres organisations souhaitant utiliser nos cours pour former leurs membres. Une licence étudiante accorde l'accès complet à l'ensemble des cours du curriculum de POTI sans frais de scolarité pour l'étudiant. Nous offrons également un ensemble de licences d'inscription aux cours aux organisations qui souhaitent que leurs étudiants utilisent notre formation sur une base de "par cours".

En savoir plus sur les formations de groupe offertes.

Plateforme d'enseignement à distance du Centre national de formation

The National Training Centre E-Learning Platform (NTCELP) provides national training centres, NGOs, and other institutions with their own in-house e-learning programme on peacekeeping, suitable for providing the e-learning component of blended learning. Under NTCELP national training centres post a link on their own website and from there students may enroll and download their courses. Upon completion students earn a Certificate of Completion showing the emblem of their national training centre along with POTI’s emblem as well as the signatures of the national training centre director and the director of POTI. View existing NTCELPs and see if your organization participates.

For more information contact POTI.

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