Cursillos auto-dirigidos de formación creados para usted.

Build solid, practical knowledge of peacekeeping and related topics

The Peace Operations Training Institute (POTI) offers e-learning courses on current topics in peace support, humanitarian relief, and security operations. Our training provides the flexibility and accessibility for students to study at their own pace. Our curriculum aims to build solid, practical knowledge of United Nations peacekeeping operations and related topics, with course materials written by former Force Commanders, Military Advisers to DPKO, experienced peacekeepers, published scholars, and experts in their fields.

Peacekeeping operations and the challenges faced by peacekeepers are diverse and complex. Desde el principio, hemos cumplido con la demanda de proporcionar formación asequible y adecuada en línea para personal de paz. When you study with POTI, you can learn wherever you are, whenever your schedule permits. El Instituto de Formación de las Operaciones de Paz (POTI) se esfuerza para cortar la distancia entre el estudiante y su tema de estudio y ofrecer a sus estudiantes en todo el mundo una experiencia interactiva, profunda y valiosa.

This is how POTI training works:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Register for the course of your choice.
  3. Download the course (PDF) and study the materials at your convenience. Watch video introductions and webinars from course authors and test your knowledge with self-scoring quizzes at the end of each lesson.
  4. After studying, take the 50 question multiple choice exam. You have two opportunities to successfully complete the exam with a score of 75% or better.
  5. Submit your exam for grading and receive your results immediately. Students who pass receive a Certificate of Completion and can choose to have their name displayed on the Honour Roll.


Customize your training with these options:

Study individual courses

After successfully completing a course, students earn a Certificate of Completion. Certificates are available in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic. A student may also request a transcript officially documenting the courses they have completed.

Available POTI courses.

Earn a POST Certificate

Students may demonstrate their expertise in Military Studies, Police Studies, Civilian Service, Gender Awareness, Logistical Support, and/or Human Rights by earning a Peace Operations Specialized Training (POST) Certificate.

By following the curricula described in the table below, students can earn a POST Certificate in up to six areas of specialization.

Learn more about POST Certificates.

Únete con el programa de COTIPSO

Students looking for a greater challenge may be interested in enrolling in our Certificate of Training in United Nations Peace Support Operations (COTIPSO) Programme.

COTIPSO is a blend of POTI online training and third party in-classroom training. Los estudiantes aplicarán el conocimiento que aprenden a través de la enseñanza semipresencial por escribir una tesis sobre un tema relacionada con el mantenimiento de la paz. Cada estudiante elige su tema particular y desarrolla el projecto bajo la dirección de un asesor del Instituto.

Aprenda más acerca de COTIPSO.

POST Certificate course chart.

What makes POTI courses right for you?

  • The specialized peace and humanitarian relief curriculum written by former Force Commanders, Military Advisers to DPKO, experienced peacekeepers, published scholars, and experts in their fields.
  • El paso auto-dirigido del estudio permite al estudiante la oportunidad de participar en la formación cuando sea conveniente.
  • No se requieren prerrequisitos académicos ni referencias profesionales para inscribirse en los cursos.
  • Ability to engage with course authors and ask questions related to the training material.
  • Usted se hará parte de una comunidad diversa y éxitosa. POTI cuenta con más de 167.000 alumnos y licenciados alrededor del mundo.
  • Se da la oportunidad a los estudiantes de enviarles preguntas relacionadas con el material de la formación a los autores de los cursos.
  • El acceso a un sistema de apoyo en español/castellano, inglés y francés. Nuestro equipo está siempre disponible para recibir sus preguntas, escuchar sobre su experiencia, y atenderle de la mejor manera posible.

Key features of your online classroom:

  • A secure environment that contains all of your POTI learning and testing information.
  • A list of the courses you are currently taking and the courses you have already taken.
  • Access to your examinations and scores.
  • Access to downloadable course materials so you can study offline if necessary.
  • Access to free training resources.

The best part acerca de nuestro aula virtual es que es free to sign up y usar.


Group and multiple training license options

POTI offers a student license package to national peacekeeping centres, NGOs, academic institutions, and other organisations wishing to use our courses to train groups of their members. Una licencia de estudiante concede el acceso completo al currículo de POTI, sin costo alguno para el estudiante. También ofrecemos un paquete de licencia de inscripción por curso, para las organizaciones que desean que sus estudiantes usen nuestra formación por inscripción de cada curso.

Learn more about group training opportunities.

National Training Centre E-Learning Platform

The National Training Centre E-Learning Platform (NTCELP) provides national training centres, NGOs, and other institutions with their own in-house e-learning programme on peacekeeping, suitable for providing the e-learning component of blended learning. Under NTCELP national training centres post a link on their own website and from there students may enroll and download their courses. Upon completion students earn a Certificate of Completion showing the emblem of their national training centre along with POTI’s emblem as well as the signatures of the national training centre director and the director of POTI. View existing NTCELPs and see if your organization participates.

For more information contact POTI.

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